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YOUnited PvP betting & gaming platform

The player vs player betting & gaming solution with no house interaction

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True revolution in the industry

We YOUnite all players within the truly fair, decentralised PvP betting and gaming platform. Our unique YOUnited Solution based on native blockchain technology is completely changing the betting and gaming industry.

YOUnited players always bet and play against each other with no house or any third-party interaction. This means that 100% prize pool is distributed to the winner(s). Our ultimate PvP solution provides 100% return to player (RTP), zero house edge, and winner for every game.


  • checkNo house interaction
  • check100% return to player
  • checkZero house edge
  • checkUnlimited winnings
  • checkTruly fair algorithm
  • checkSocial character


  • checkGenuine transparency
  • checkOn-chain random number generator
  • checkFast transactions
  • checkEco-friendly
  • checkInstant payouts
  • checkSmart contracts


  • checkUNTD blockchain
  • checkYOUnited lotteries
  • checkQuick & Skill games
  • checkSports betting
  • checkCasino PvP games
  • checkPlatform for operators



  • benefits

    Zero house Edge YOUnited has no house and implements zero house edge in general - for all game types, for every single gaming session and for every single player

  • benefits

    100% return to player YOUnited provides 100% RTP - since there is no house, players compete against other players and win the full prize pool

  • benefits

    Instant payouts YOUnited brings the truly fair gaming platform on blockchain, where all transactions including payouts are instant

  • benefits

    Social character YOUnited connects all players worldwide together on one place, also on a social basis via chat and friends list to avoid unsocial house character, bots, etc.

  • benefits

    Unlimited and progressive prize pools YOUnited doesn't limit the number of players, which makes it possible to create progressive prize pools and unlimited winnings

  • benefits

    Unique random number generator YOUnited RNG is based on UNTD blockchain. Every player enters the game with custom RNG and the game result is known after the last player's RNG input.

  • benefits

    No house control over player’s deposit YOUnited player’s deposits are immutably recorded and smart contracts prevent any house control over them

  • benefits

    Eco-friendly UNTD blockchain based on DPoS consensus protocol achieves highest efficiency and performance with all transactions in seconds.

  • benefits

    Transparency YOUnited delivers the maximum transparency due to advanced and decentralized UNTD blockchain technology

  • benefits

    Smart contracts YOUnited smart contracts completely replace the position of house/casino and substantially reduce all fees

I appreciate a revolutionary solution of YOUnited project eliminating the "house mentality"

Vincent Duben Founder of the Slovak National Lottery




YOUnited builds the community of players within truly fair environment. It is changing the poorly transparent betting and gaming industry beyond recognition.


Social platform

YOUnited associates all players as well as gaming enthusiasts, betting fans, innovators and system changes supporters worldwide


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UNTD coin powers the whole YOUnited betting & gaming ecosystem on our own native UNTD blockchain customized to minimize all operational costs. It is the playing chip used for placing bets and paying game entries, as well as for the prize pool and affiliate program payouts. UNTD coin is the fuel that makes the whole YOUnited ecosystem sustainable. Buy Coins